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Hi Sand Stars!

Life is so incredibly busy and hectic recently and I’ve been needing to centre myself and draw myself back to the present many times. One unique way I have recently been able to consciously bring myself to the present is with Obaku Watches and Hour Choice.

With a series of Obaku timepieces, I’ve been able to explore many aspects of ‘my zen’, including music (the watches even inspired a piece of music), meditative reflection, nature, poetry and the sea.

The sleek pieces are made with quality materials, in classic colours and styles that will carry from season to season. My favorites are the dark blue tones and mother-of-pearl insets.

The beautiful watches (and Obaku’s focus on zen philosophy) has been integral in bringing me much contentment during this hectic time. See just some of the beautiful images encapturing ‘my zen’ below. To purchase the watches, check out Hour Choice on Instagram and Rivoli Shop:


(Photography by Tahmeed Omar)

Live, Love & Laugh Littlepianodiva Style!








Hey Sand Stars!

I’m currently reading a dark, Gothic novel set in Victorian times. As you know, my fashion is inspired by my environment or pop culture.

I usually wear a lot of black (I can see a few colour-loving friends rolling their eyes) but I guess since I’m channelling my dark, inner Victorian heroine, the hue is becoming even more common in my outfits these days.

My family and friends continuously ask me one thing: WHY do you wear so much black?

I love versatility in terms of the items that I invest in- and black is a very versatile colour (or non-colour, if you wish). Also, truth be told; I feel rather sophisticated in head-to-toe black.

Interestingly, I’ve noted that when I’m feeling particularly down or (on the other end of the spectrum- very confident), I tend to gravitate towards a LBD or black skinny jeans and flowing blouse.

I’m trying, though, to inject more colour into my wardrobe. There has been research into how different shades represent/attract certain frequencies.

Now, while I may be trying to gather more blues, yellows, greens and reds- I’ll still hold onto my ‘black mood’ 😉

*Music inspiration of the week: Chopin: Nocturne in C Sharp Minor – a haunting and ethereal piece of piano music from a genius!

Live, Love & Laugh Littlepianodiva Style,



IMG_1779 (1).jpg

Black Accessories to Punctuate a Dark Mood: H&M and Forever 21

Hey Sand Stars!

In my line of work, I have to make sure that I’m on time: be it for meetings, performances, piano tuition or appearances. I’m not much of a watch wearer, but when it comes to work, I have to admit that I need a little bling on my wrist to keep me on schedule!

There are a number of watch brands that I love and Anne Klein is one of them. One of my current favourite models is part of a gift set. The watch is set in a rose-gold toned bracelet. The pearl-coloured dial subtly shines in the light and the piece is water resistant. The watch comes with three additional bracelets: one gold-toned bangle with white enamel filling; one gold-toned bangle with a clear, Swarovski crystal-accented centre piece, and one gold-toned chain bracelet.

The fabulous part is that you can wear the watch with the bracelets in various ways, or all pieces separately! The watch and its accompanying accessories are perfect for feminine, boho-chic looks like below:


Photography by Pho-Tah. Watch & accessories by Anne Klein. Blouse by Meher & Riddhima.

AK 1.jpg

Watch Set by Anne Klein

The other Anne Klein timepiece that is on my list of favourite accessories, is a classic, elegant beauty with a black leather strap and a dial with Roman numerals. This watch means business! It’s perfect for corporate wear, but versatile enough to add a classic edge to an androgynous look like a baggy white shirt and skinny, ripped jeans.

Personally, I found that the watch can amp up a LBD- ideal for a busy day of meetings, teaching, performing and then dinner with the girls:


Watch by Anne Klein


If you’re in Dubai, check out Hour Choice stores to get your hands on Anne Klein watches.



Hey Sand Stars!

I hope everyone has been doing well and that 2016 has been amazing thus far. Events, performing and production work has already begun and I look forward to a busy 2016, God willing 🙂

One event I was recently invited to, by the Rivoli Group, was The Bride Show Dubai. One of the group’s brands, Balmain Swiss timepieces, was the official timekeeper of this bridal extravaganza and it was an honour to meet the Balmain team and learn a little more about one of my favourite watch brands.

As you know, the Balmain name is synonymous with edginess; structure and fine detailing and one can definitely see the amazing craftsmanship in its watches.

My favourites include the La Vela II (amongst many). All pieces are Swiss made, with the finest metals, diamonds & pearl finishes and many are water-resistant (YAY!) Pierre Balmain was renowned for his arabesque, ornate details and you’ll find this in many of the timepieces.


In Dubai, check out Hour Choice stores for the finest Balmain watches.

Join the Balmain Army 😉

Live, Love & Laugh Littlepianodiva Style!



Hey Sand Stars,

Happy New Year! May 2016 be YOUR year; full of blessings and happiness 🙂

2015 was an insanely busy year and I look forward to sharing lots of cool music and other news with you soon.

In the meanwhile, I wanted to ask if anyone else is as excited as I am for awards season?! I’m a red-carpet-fashion lover and seriously looking forward to seeing what the ladies (and dapper gents) wear for the Golden Globes, SAGs and Oscars this year.

Because of the nature of my work and the need to look glam, I’m always looking to awards season for inspiration for my gigs. I love Meher & Riddhima for their feminine, elegant designs (they are a local, Dubai-based duo).

International designers I love wearing include Zuhair Murad, but there’s no need to stick to high-end designers to looking like a star. Many high-street stores stock stunning gowns and jumpsuits; the key is to check the fabric of the garment (make sure it’s of good and lasting quality) and the tailoring: the dress needs to fit well. It may even be an idea to get something custom-made, but- again -select strong, quality fabric that won’t crease easily and will fit you like a glove!

I look forward to seeing you all dress like superstars 😉 Tag me on Instagram.

Live, Love & Laugh Littlepianodiva Style!




One of Meher & Riddhima’s beautiful formal gowns.



Confessions Of A (Foodshop)Aholic

Hey Sand Stars

OK. My name is Malika. And I’m kind of, sort of a shopaholic. CALM DOWN. I’m not a crazy ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’-kinda gal that buys LOADS of stuff on credit, but I have to admit that I’m very easily tempted by something pretty and shiny (OK, I lie; I mostly buy food!!!) 🙂

It’s true. I’m a foodshop-aholic. I eat out loads but EVERYTHING ALWAYS LOOKS SO GOOD! It takes a bit of meditation to draw my attention away from a creamy, voluptuous-looking chocolate cupcake from Magnolia Bakery or the smell of freshly fried chips (reminds me of home!)

I find it incredibly strange that I have willpower to walk by Bloomingdales or Harvey Nichols or Jimmy Choo, but I cannot drive away that NEED for something yummy to be in my tummy!

Once, after a performance, I travelled across the entire city of Dubai to get to a chocolate bar that served my favourite dessert. That’s bad, right?

Ok. So the first thing is that I realise my little issue; step one checked! The second, is that I’m at least focussing on the health aspect and thus reminding myself that perhaps eating two hotdogs is not the best thing for my poor little arteries (haha; I’m kidding. I’ve never done that- or have I??)

I’ve started giving myself ‘allowances’ for eating out and try to stay away from bakeries and food-shops during the ‘no-go’ times. It helps to have my eyes diverted by a cute guy walking down the street, but unfortunately one cannot count on that… 😛 During meetings I only allow myself something to drink and it helps to be focussed on business at hand.

Also, it helps to keep my wallet change and card free when going out for walks just in case I get the need for caffeine/chocolate/cake/apple crumble/that thing over there that looks yummy…

Now, excuse me while I get back to my journey to recovery. And, no, that isn’t my wallet behind my back…

Live, Love & Laugh ‘Littlepianodiva’ Style!



Attempting to hide my wallet; from myself ;) Photography by Tahmeed Omar. Top by Pr. Price. Wallet by Carolina Herrera.

Attempting to hide my wallet; from myself 😉 Photography by Tahmeed Omar. Top by Pr. Price. Wallet by Carolina Herrera.

Tough Girl

Hey Sand Stars

Winter has officially set in here in Dubai (I know, I know 20 degrees Celsius may not be cold for many but trust me IT IS!). For those of us wanting a comfy, yet stylish cover-up; I suggest a leather jacket in black, brown or a funky shade like red.

Biker-style jackets tend to come in and out of fashion more than the more tailored/blazer-inspired silhouettes, so I’d suggest in investing in the prior. The key is to mix leather or leather-look fabrics with feminine prints or floaty fabrics for a real style statement.

The broad lapels on the H! by Henry Holland jacket below have a studded motif which is really on-trend. Where with jeans for a classic ‘rock-chick’ look or be a trendsetter by pairing with a full skirt in silk.

Stay warm this winter!

Live, Love & Laugh ‘Littlepianodiva’ Style!



Your winter wardrobe should include a sexy leather or leather-look jacket. Jacket: H! by Henry Holland. Hairband by River Island. Photography by Tahmeed Omar.

Your winter wardrobe should include a sexy leather or leather-look jacket. Jacket: H! by Henry Holland. Hairband by River Island. Photography by Tahmeed Omar.

Another awesome investment would be a leather jacket with gold detail: timeless! Heidi Klum in a Versace creation. Photo:

Another awesome investment would be a leather jacket with gold detail: timeless! Heidi Klum in a Versace creation. Photo: