Hey Sand Stars!

I hope everyone’s enjoying a happy summer. As many of us have wound down after a busy first half of 2016, it’s important that we take this fabulous, fun time to travel, eat and make merry with our friends and loved ones.

Due to work commitments and other constraints, however, many of us need to look at alternatives to journeying to far-flung magical locations (yes, Europe- I will miss you this year! 😦 ). Living in Dubai, I’m grateful to be surrounded by fabulous resorts which often have awesome deals for summer staycations.

Atlantis The Palm is most probably the busiest high-end 5-star hotel in Dubai. My stay at the resort was an epic time full of of relaxation and tanning (courtesy the hotel’s luxury accommodation and Royal Pool); serious fun at Aquaventure (side note: make sure you stay hydrated if you’re outside for long periods of time- trust me, heatstroke is NO fun, compadre). For casual dining, check out Asia Republic (close to Aquaventure)- they honestly have the BEST Thai green curry EVER.

For fine dining, check out Ayamna for delicious Lebanese cuisine (see Facebook for some photos from my experience).

Considering the resort is extremely busy (as most family-focused holiday properties are); the indoor aquarium was very quiet and relaxing. For the more adventurous folk; try many of the hotel’s unique experiences such as swimming with dolphins etc.

Upon my return, I felt very refreshed and ready to tackle a pile of work and personal projects with more motivation and gusto than I had before my getaway.


Atlantis The Palm’s Unique Lobby


My ‘Little Mermaid’ Moment with a New Friend at Atlantis The Palm’s Aquarium

IMG_1869 (1).jpg

Obligatory Pool Selfie

Make time to have fun and unwind this summer and then hit the rest of 2016 with everything you’ve got! (PS: for some ideas on what to pack and where to go when considering travelling, check out Holidays In Heels. PPS: Theme song of this getaway: Relax, Take It Easy!)

Live, Love & Laugh Littlepianodiva Style,






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