Hey Sand Stars!

OK. Let me be brutally honest: I’m not very good at exercising. I enjoy it for a few weeks and then I get distracted by life.

Or…you know: CAKE…

Anyway, I was introduced to a new fitness craze called Speedflex (which originated in Dallas), which has its Middle Eastern headquarters is right here in Dubai. A typical session can range from 30 minutes and focusses on providing a high intensity, low impact cardio and resistance workout.

The machines used (you are guided by personal trainers who adapt the workouts to your individual needs) may look simple enough, but they are unique in that they make adjustments depending on how much force you apply. The coolest thing about the training regime is that you don’t feel muscle pain, the same way you would had you worked out intensively on your usual gym equipment! That means I could go straight into 6-inch-heels for a performance the very next day after training!

An induction session includes a health assessment so that you are aware of the areas in your body and overall health that needs work. Trainers work with you to reach your personal fitness goals; even in a session that could include about 8 people or more. Your fitness levels are monitored throughout the course of your training so you will be able to visualise your progress. Trust me, seeing your heart rate up on the screen is a real incentive to keep going!

I enjoyed my first session and- for someone who gets rather intimidated by fitness machines and training sessions -I could actually complete the training successfully in one piece and with a smile! Considering that the clientele ranges from 20-60 years old, I reckon anyone could reach the level of a Speedflex ambassador such as Alan Shearer (former England football captain).

The Speedflex Middle East headquarters is at the JA Ocean View Hotel in Dubai and the centre manager is the lovely Brit, Kayleigh Dawson, a 23-year-old enthusiastic and knowledgeable fitness enthusiast and former swimmer. For more on Speedflex and the training schedules, check out www.speedflex.com. There is a Ramadan promotion on now too, so don’t miss out on keeping healthy!

IMG_0991 (1).jpg

First Stop on the Speedflex Train!



Getting Summer Ready (and serious about my health) on the Speedflex System

IMG_0996 (1).jpg

With Speedflex Centre Manager Kayleigh Dawson



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