Hey Sand Stars!

In my line of work, I have to make sure that I’m on time: be it for meetings, performances, piano tuition or appearances. I’m not much of a watch wearer, but when it comes to work, I have to admit that I need a little bling on my wrist to keep me on schedule!

There are a number of watch brands that I love and Anne Klein is one of them. One of my current favourite models is part of a gift set. The watch is set in a rose-gold toned bracelet. The pearl-coloured dial subtly shines in the light and the piece is water resistant. The watch comes with three additional bracelets: one gold-toned bangle with white enamel filling; one gold-toned bangle with a clear, Swarovski crystal-accented centre piece, and one gold-toned chain bracelet.

The fabulous part is that you can wear the watch with the bracelets in various ways, or all pieces separately! The watch and its accompanying accessories are perfect for feminine, boho-chic looks like below:


Photography by Pho-Tah. Watch & accessories by Anne Klein. Blouse by Meher & Riddhima.

AK 1.jpg

Watch Set by Anne Klein

The other Anne Klein timepiece that is on my list of favourite accessories, is a classic, elegant beauty with a black leather strap and a dial with Roman numerals. This watch means business! It’s perfect for corporate wear, but versatile enough to add a classic edge to an androgynous look like a baggy white shirt and skinny, ripped jeans.

Personally, I found that the watch can amp up a LBD- ideal for a busy day of meetings, teaching, performing and then dinner with the girls:


Watch by Anne Klein


If you’re in Dubai, check out Hour Choice stores to get your hands on Anne Klein watches.




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