Baked Bolognese

Hey Sand Stars

Last week I made a delicious pasta and meat dish grilled in the oven to give the bolognese a slightly baked taste. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family did! 🙂

Beef meatballs (about 12 meatballs)
3 tblspns puréed tomato
1 cup onions braised in sunflower oil
1 heaped tspn barbecue spice
1/4 tspn chili powder
1/4 tspn chilli paste
1 tspn coriander
1/4 tspn black pepper
1 heaped tspn ginger and garlic paste
1 tblspn Mrs. Ball’s chutney
Worcestershire sauce
Cheese (yellow and white cheddar)
Fresh green coriander for garnishing
Macaroni pasta (I used 6 handfuls)
1/4 tspn salt or more, as needed

Set oven to ‘grill’ function at about 180 degrees Celcius.

Heat the onions and sauté with tomato. Blend until tomato and onion bits are less visible. Add spices and cook on medium heat for approximately 10-15 mins. Add meatballs and drizzle Worcestershire sauce over the meat. Cook for approximately 20 minutes.

Whilst the sauce is cooking, boil pasta with a little olive oil and grate the cheese.

Layer the cooked pasta at the bottom of an oven dish and pour meatballs and sauce on top. Layer cheese and coriander on top and bake/grill until cheese is melted.

Bon apetit!

A pasta and meat sauce dish for family dinner.

             A pasta and meat sauce dish for family dinner.


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