Scent Of A Woman

Hey Sand Stars

I am a stickler for smells; I can always smell baking bread, cookies in the oven and fresh lilies from a mile away (the disadvantage is that some really foofy smells tend to reach me before other people, too! Ewww 😦 ).

The smell of watermelon reminds me of my childhood summers; eating fresh fruit and running through the sprinklers in the garden to cool off. Similarly, rose talcum powder smells remind me of my grammy. The sharp smell of fire reminds me of frosty winters in Johannesburg and certain spices remind me of when I first arrived in Dubai and wandered through the souks.

Our sense of smell has the ability to transport us back in time or create a vision in our mind that is pleasurable (hot chocolate, anyone?? ❀ ). This is why most of us (men and women) turn to our favourite perfumes to make us feel confident or remind us of a pleasant past experience.

I personally love perfumes with light, floral tones; it’s incredibly feminine and more subtle than the stronger, more woody-noted perfumes. My go-to scents are J’Adore and Miss Dior by Dior. If I’m in the mood for something more sweet, then it’s Chance by Chanel. When wearing abaya and attending mosque I’ll wear an oil-based perfume like the Oud perfumes that I purchased in Saudi Arabia.

As a person whose day-to-day style is influenced by her moods, I’ll wear a stronger, slightly more masculine scent like Gucci Premiere if I’m feeling a little bad-a** or Eau des Merveilles by Hermes (one of my all-time faves) if I want to feel like I want to leave a more lasting impression πŸ˜‰

You don’t have to spend loads of money on perfumes. Some less expensive alternatives include Florentyna from Marks & Spencer or check out the body mists from Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop. A friend also recently got me a ginger perfume from Germany which has a unique, spicy scent. The idea is to make yourself feel good with your scents; not buying a perfume for the brand name.

And I don’t agree with wearing the same perfume day in and day out; play with your scents from day to day and wear a more exotic perfume for nights out.

Now go out there and smell wonderful!

Live, Love & Laugh ‘Littlepianodiva’ Style



From a Marks & Spencer brand influencer engagement. The perfume is Florentyna and is a cheaper alternative to more expensive perfumes.

From a Marks & Spencer brand influencer engagement. The perfume is Florentyna and is a cheaper alternative to more expensive perfumes. Photography by Tahmeed Omar.


Chance by Chanel with pink pearls by Gemoro Jewellery Dubai; the ultimate in class! Photo courtesy Gemoro Jewellery.


Yummy ginger perfume; a gift from a friend when she visited Germany.


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