The Fame Game

Hey Sand Stars

Wow. What an…interesting week it’s been with certain reality ‘stars’ (I use the term loosely; pardon the pun 😛 ) baring all for…errr…fashion(!!!)

The whole issue got me to thinking about the fame game and how things have changed since I was a kid. Back in them days (long, long ago), people had something called ‘talent’ and also a sense of dignity, respect for their bodies and a warm, engaging personality. They even (SHOCK! HORROR!) did ACTUAL work!! :O

These days, the more eccentric (and I mean OUT THERE) and disrespectful you are, the more ‘cool’ you are considered to be and those who have been brought up with what some deem to be a ‘conservative’ set of morals are not worth a mention.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about expressing yourself artistically and showing the audience your personality, but not on too much of a superficial level (especially skin-show).

I’m not a prude, but (especially relating to the recent nude photos popping up all over social media) I believe that a woman’s body is not to be commercialised or objectified in the name of ‘art’. I believe our bodies are like the rarest treasures and we shouldn’t reveal all our jewels to the world (get my drift??) Mystery, IS power and freedom, ladies!! Sensuality doesn’t need to be conveyed with a jiggly bum! It’s all about being confident with your body, of course, but being smart enough to leave a bit to the imagination.

It saddens me that talented musicians are more known for their nipple caps than their voices or that a woman’s amazing acting is overlooked because ‘darn, she looked good in that nude scene.’

I don’t live in fairyland and neither am I a hypocrite; I know how important PR and marketing is in an artist’s career and how important image is in the art world (I’m well aware of it in my own career). I also don’t blame any of them; they have to do somersaults to retain status in this weird celebrity circus. Plus, these ‘controversial’ stars are laughing all the way to the bank (yea, I’m jealous about that part…)

But, I honestly believe it is far better to be respected for your abilities and work and work ethic.

Anyway, I can only speak for myself and I’ll be doing my piano chillout and not twerking against Robin Thicke anytime soon… (if it ever happens, you have permission to give me a sound smack.)

Live, Love & Laugh ‘Littlepianodiva’ Style!



At Taste Of Fame Dubai; at controversial, yet talented Elizabeth Taylor's star on the Hollywood 'Walk Of Fame'. Photo by Light House Studio. Gown by Meher & Riddhima.

At Taste Of Fame Dubai; at controversial, yet talented Elizabeth Taylor’s star on the Hollywood ‘Walk Of Fame’. Photo by Light House Studio. Gown by Meher & Riddhima.



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