MAC Skincare

Hey Sand Stars

Living in Dubai generally wreaks havoc on the skin of everyone- all thanks to the humidity, dust etc. I have quite oily, sensitive skin and am always battling to find products that suit me.

I was really lucky to have come across MAC Makeup’s Oil Control Lotion. I don’t use a lot of product (only two pumps from the bottle), but it glides on easily and is incredibly light. I apply it twice daily; once in the morning and once at night after cleansing.

The bottle is 50 ml and will last for a while if you, like me, only use a tiny bit. To further avoid your skin getting more oily and thus prone to breakouts; stay away from fried foods and chocolate (I know; it sucks SO bad!!!) BUUUT, if you CANNOT stay away, just increase your intake of water when having those fries or that DELICIOUS chocolate fondant 😉

When I represented Jergens Creams for the Middle East, I started a series of ‘Beauty Beliefs’ that I hoped would inspire my supporters. With the great feedback I received, I’ll be continuing with these each week on here!

So: Beauty Belief #1 : Don’t use too many beauty products on your skin as they could make your skin condition worse. Use products sparingly and remember to hydrate to not only make your skin glowing and healthy but to also cleanse your body from the inside.

Live, Love & Laugh ‘Littlepianodiva’ Style



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